Parents Teachers Association


Parents Teachers Association 

The role of the PTA is to serve as a vehicle of communication between:

  • Classroom teachers and the parents
  • The school and the parents, as needed


  • The classroom teacher may ask the PTA to help coordinate or contribute to social/special events, classroom outings or activities.
  • The PTA may ask and coordinate other parents to support and assist as needed if he/she is unable to be present.
  • The classroom teacher may ask the PTA to communicate and reinforce important information in addition to written letters, emails or formal parent meetings.
  • The PTA may make recommendations or suggestions about parents who can contribute to the children’s learning by hosting field trips, chaperoning trips, visiting museums, conducting an experiment in class or reading a children’s story.
  • Individual issues arising for a particular student should be raised by the parent with the teacher in the first instance and the Principal thereafter.
  • Questions relating to the school building and playground (e.g. hygiene, security, heating, lunches) or non-academic activities of the students (e.g. supervision at playtime) should be referred by the parent or the class rep to the Principal.

The main goal of this position is to promote positive and constructive collaboration in school without interfering with the individual parent's relationship with the school.

The PTA members for the year 2017/2018 are : 

Mrs. Isabelle Scherer and Mrs. Roberta Bazzana-Marcoli - Kindergarten

Mrs. Lien Simcic and Mrs. Chiara Vanossi - Transition

Mrs. Aldegonda Maria Hey-Roetman - Grade 1

Mrs. Francesca Vajani-Magnaghi and Mrs. Monica Tabet - Grade 2

Mrs. Beatrice Boffelli-Signori and Mrs. Alda Pofferi - Grade 3

Mrs. Gemma Pond and Mrs. Monica Tabet - Grade 4

Mrs. Kelly Leagas - Teacher Representative 

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